3D Printed String Vase Shows What’s Possible

Overhangs are the bane of the melty-plastic 3D printing world. Normally, we check out to stay away from them with imaginative print alignments, or we compensate with supports. However, [3DPrintBunny] resolved to embrace overhangs in the extreme in the design of her inventive 3D-printed string vase.

The layout is meant to be printed with a larger sized nozzle, on the buy of .8 mm or so, at a layer peak of .6 mm. Below these situations, the printer nozzle bridges the hole amongst the vase’s pillars with a single string of molten filament. With the settings just so, the molten filament stays connected throughout the bridging procedure, and makes a fantastic plastic string in between the pillars. Repeat this across the total structure, and you get an eye-catching string vase.

Incredibly, [3DPrintBunny] did not have to do any fancy slicer methods to attain this. Inventory slicer options received the task performed just fine, and she stories that the model must print on most FDM printers. For her individual illustrations, she printed in a exclusive silver/bronze twin shade PLA filament.

It recalls us of attempts to build artificial hair-like fibers by taking gain of stringing in 3D printers. Video clip immediately after the crack.

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