A Solar Supercap Power Supply To Keep Your Projects Running

Solar garden lights and lots of other identical trinkets normally depend on low cost rechargeable batteries as a ability supply when the sunshine isn’t shining. [Darryl] figured that a supercapacitor could do the career rather, and set about making a solar supercap ability source that could operate numerous projects. 

The electric power supply is developed to use a modest 60 x 40mm solar panel that supplies somewhere around 500 mW at max output. This fees two supercapacitors which feed their output into a TPS61200 raise converter, specifically designed for doing work with ultra-very low input voltages down to .3 V. The raise convert can then be configured to output 3.3 V or 5 V relying on the sought after voltage for the system to be powered. A unique MOSFET array component is made use of to demand the twin supercaps in series, making sure they keep well balanced and really don’t get overcharged by the sunlight.

The style has labored effectively in apply. [Darryl] stories that it has correctly run a LoRa unit reporting every 10 minutes for above two a long time without challenge.

Solar electric power is a magical issue, capable of giving energy for totally free if you can get out there and seize it. If you are working on your individual solar-driven tasks, really do not wait to drop us a line!

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