Castle Shannon police use body camera technology that analyzes interactions

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — New body camera technologies that analyzes footage is staying touted as the foreseeable future of policing. 

Law enforcement officers in Castle Shannon are the very first in Pennsylvania to use the know-how. Truleo software program accesses police footage from a secured cloud and uses artificial intelligence to transcribe police interactions and categorize perform. 

“Remaining specialist, clear and accountable to the citizens, I imagine this will do almost nothing but can help us,” Castle Shannon Law enforcement Chief Kenneth Truvo stated.

Right now, only a handful of law enforcement agencies in the western part of the place use Truleo. 

Specialists stated officers make someplace in between 20 to 25 several hours of video a thirty day period and significantly less than .01 percent of videos are ever watched. With Truleo, companies can quickly sort by footage and crucial on circumstances in which an officer displays professionalism or dangerous behavior. 

Truvo’s division has been utilizing the software package because March. He confirmed KDKA-Television set a snapshot of lately collected facts that fees an officer’s interaction with the local community.

He claimed given that the division started utilizing it, there has been no destructive actions by his officers flagged.

“We can determine degrees of professionalism and stages of empathy, gratitude,” Truleo CEO and co-founder Anthony Tassone. “We can also detect risky officer language, which is ordinarily profanity, insults, threats, essentially impolite and escalated conduct.”

“We are not unquestionably seeking to catch our officers executing nearly anything incorrect,” Truvo stated. “That could not be even further from the aim of this program. It is really a lot more about accountability, and we’re heading to confirm we are as very good as we say we are.”

Other law enforcement departments in the spot have also revealed curiosity in having the technologies. Castle Shannon is having the new software program for free proper now even though providing feedback to the business.

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