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A Virtual Private Server plan is more stable and secure than shared hosting even if don’t have a dedicated server. It is cheaper and small-scale in comparison to the entire server rental. VPS plan is ideal for websites encountering medium-level traffic, which exceeds shared hosting plan limits, but still does not need resources of dedicated service. 

What is Virtual Private Server and how it works?

Servers are computers where the web hosts store their databases and files essential for running a website smoothly. When someone online wants to find your website, their browser will send the server a request and it sends the required files via the internet. In a VPS hosting plan, you receive a virtual server that resembles a physical server. In reality, the single server is shared among multiple users. 

The hosting provider is using virtualization technology, where a virtual layer is installed above the server’s operating system. The layer divides the server into multiple partitions allowing every user to install their personal software and operating system. It means a VPS is both private and virtual as you have complete control. 

VPS is an allocated space, which keeps you isolated from other users on the same server and OS. It is like creating different sections on your computer when you use more than a single OS without a reboot. 

VPS plan allows setting your website inside a secure ampoule with guaranteed resources. It ensures that you don’t need to share disk space, memory, CPU, etc. with any other users like in shared hosting. VPS plan means you receive the same root-level access as a dedicated server but at a low cost. 

VPS plans pros & cons


  • It is more reliable and faster than a shared hosting server.
  • Zero to minimal flux in the available server resources like processing power or memory because they are guaranteed.
  • Traffic surges and issues associated with neighboring server users will not impact your website.
  • You get better privacy because your databases and files are locked from the neighboring sites.
  • You gain access to the server’s root.
  • It is scalable and can grow with your website with easy upgrades. 


  • It’s more costly than shared hosting.
  • Setting up VPS needs technical know-how.
  • Server management is more tech-demanding than cloud or shared hosting.
  • Improper server configuration can cause security susceptibilities.

When to choose the VPS plan?

After your website grows the shared hosting limits you an upgrade to a virtual private server hosting plan. Whenever you experience challenges with the shared hosting plan then don’t choose the dedicated plan directly but upgrade to the VPS plan and enjoy the best of both worlds – shared and dedicated. It will be more costly than a shared plan but less expensive than a dedicated server.

If you own an eCommerce store then choose the VPS plan from the start. It is because you need a fast and stable ambiance for secure payment. VPS allows for reducing security breaches and identity theft concerns if your business depends on plenty of stored sensitive data. If your site encounters unexpected traffic times during specific seasons then the VPS plan is great. 

The resourceful heavy website operates smoothly and performs better on a virtual private server. 

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