Interactive On-Demand Doctor App Development Solutions for Your Healthcare Business and Streamline your healthcare business using professional on-demand doctor appointment mobile app development solutions across iOS and Android mobile platforms.

There is a great demand for new-age healthcare IT solutions that can help meet the goals of the healthcare industry across the globe. Misha Infotech provides end-to-end doctor on-demand app development solutions based on healthcare industry standards. As your technology partner, we are here to help you reach your target audience through new-gen solutions.

To understand the usefulness of an on-demand doctor mobile app, we need to consider diegesis. The scenario would be that you arrive at your office for a vital meeting with all the work done to have a great discussion with your colleagues and partners, but suddenly you feel excruciating pain in your head. Now, you are at a junction whether to address this meeting for which you have prepared so enthusiastically or visit a doctor to check your headache.

The window of decision making in these scenarios is very less and in a rush of blood, you often make wrong decisions that affect both your health and work. But to save millions of people there from getting stuck in this dilemma, an e-prescription or doctor on-demand app was launched in recent times. What these apps have provided is an instant solution to health-related problems. People can open the On-demand doctor mobile app and call doctors online to have a face-to-face online interaction with the doctor of their choice.

There are many factors involved with developing an On-demand doctor app and these factors are the geographic location of the app development, the availability of the application on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and wearables, but these apps provide a lot of benefits and features too.

Benefits of doctor on-demand apps:

Those who decide to join this e-Prescription or Doctor On-Demand App open themselves up to a lot of benefits now and down the road as well. Let’s look at some of the most captivating benefits:

? Improve patient outcome
? Less paperwork
? High level of convenience
? Fair services
? Decrease in hospitalization
? High ROI
? Mature work-life balance
? Advantage in competition

Since telemedicine apps provide such benefits, this healthcare and fitness industry is booming.

General Features of On-Demand Doctor Consultation App:

Features of Telemedicine App for Patients:

? User sign-up/sign-in
? Video therapy appointments
? Search for a Medical Specialist
? Doctor reviews
? Payment channels

Features of Telemedicine App for Doctors:

? Doctor panel
? Management of appointments
? In-app messaging

Advanced features to develop a great on-demand doctor app:

? Sign up/Log In
? Voice search
? In-app video calling
? Record video session
? Medical reminder
? Document management
? Document scanning
? Automatic health insurance claims
? Electronic prior authorization
? Electronic Health Record (EHR)
? Multiple payment gateways
? Real-time analytics
? Loyalty program
? CRM integration
? Marketing and Promotion Tools
? Cloud data storage and security

Ever since this pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the world, the old normal has been replaced by the new normal. New Normal includes a lot of new norms but the most important among them is the delivery of all necessities at your doorstep. As citizens have been alerted to stay at their home and even cautioned to work from home and not coming to offices to intercept the spread of COVID-19, there is a prominent chance for application developers to build an app that will take medical experts to the patient’s doorstep. Creating an app of such adequacy would connect with all the patients in need of attention in such critical times. So, the above description will help you to build an e-Prescription or Doctor On-Demand App that directly addresses all the basic needs of medical casualties in the world.

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