Software Solutions Are Available For the Seafood Industry

Successful seafood companies are leveraging technology to build agile business processes and are transforming the challenge of regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage. And a flexible, adaptable IT business solution – like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly Navision – is the cornerstone of their strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides end-to-end integration for all levels of the seafood industry from fishing and purchase trading through to processing and sales and distribution functions. Effective inventory management is critical for successful seafood operations. With this brand of software, you’ll know instantly what’s been caught, purchased, produced and sold, and you’ll have vision into who needs what product and when you can get it.

This business solution assists seafood companies by increasing operating product and maximizing production yields. With timely awareness of the cost elements of every activity and process, you will be able to set accurate and competitive pricing for all your products. In addition, NAV can provide complete traceability of product from boat to customer helping you not only meet regulatory requirements but also increase profits and quality throughout the process.

Regulatory compliance is costly, especially for small and midsize companies. But it’s also an opportunity to improve your business processes, provide comprehensive service, and deliver significant value to your customers. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated business management solution specially designed for growing small and midsize companies. It is ideal for companies looking for one solution they can implement rapidly, learn and use easily, and customize and maintain with minimal disruption to their business.

If you operate a seafood business and are in need of a good management software to run your business, research area consultants and ask about the options available to you.

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