The GE865-QUAD modules launched by the Telit wireless communication solution business division under the world wireless M2M communication technology expert Telit are highly followed as it appeared on the market. Now the module has been successfully applied in many fields including the GPS radar warning system launched by CoyoteSystems, personal GPS/GSM tracking system launched by EmFinders and QuakeGlobal satellite tracking solutions.

Responsive to the tendency by hi-tech

As to the cost-effectiveness, M2M technology will play a leading role in many fields such as home care in the future. With the increasing of the aging population and medical expenses, people are in great need of the technology solutions of low cost and high quality. The vice sales president of Telit states that GE865-QUAD will be the key part of the M2M as it applies the Telit unique technology and service program.

GE865-QUAD can save life

It features with mini shape and power-saving. The American company EMFinders benefits a lot from it. The object can be positioned rapidly as the mini Telit module is applied in the watch. The Canada LaipacTech also launches the similar solutions.

M2M brings benefits to the portable navigation devices

It’s well known to us that the M2M technology and the internet of things have been penetrating into every nook of our daily life. More and more PND will be connected to the internet directly and brings more important services to users.

Remote AT will be beneficial to remote access of the moving shipments

As the AT service is developed for the Telit module, the AT oder can be sent by SMS or TCP. It greatly simplifies the remote access. In the logistic industry, it’s used for the monitoring of the containers and truck. The four frequency module can be applicable all over the world.

Standard configuration of Python

It’s the first item among the new generation modules. All the Telit modules have been equipped with the PythonScriptInterpreter since it launched the GE865-QUAD.

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