The E1 Line Connection Service

An E1 line is very similar to T1 lines. The E series is an improved and revised system though. An E1 is a special type of connection that is used in most countries outside of the U. S., Canada, and Japan. This type of connection is generally used for voice traffic, because voice records at a 8 kHz rate. There are 32 slots, each with 8 kHz rate on an E1 connection. There is also a cap bandwidth of 2.048 Mb per second data rate for high speed transfers.

Voice is recorded at a 8 kHz. This makes the E1 system perfect for transferring this type of information. With this type of connection, you are given access to high speed data transfer on your Internet connection, while also getting about thirty different phone line connections operating at the same time. You can transfer about 2.048 Mb per second on your Internet connection with an E1 line.

Phone calls will affect the overall performance of the Internet connection. If you are planning on buying an E1 connection, then you should know that you will lose about sixty kilobits per second for every phone that is in operation during transfers.

Businesses often use E1 lines to boost the productivity of their operations. An E1 line gives extended broadband capabilities. This is a perfect solution for any small business that is looking to expand while at the same time maintain its efficiency. Most small businesses cannot operate appropriately with only cable connection. For this reason, these companies upgrade to E1 setups.

How do you know if you should upgrade to an E1 connection? This is a good question if you are curious about this technology. The best way to know that you need an E1 system is by analyzing your current data transfer requirements compared to the data transfer rate capabilities you currently have.

Many businesses are able to get by with slower connections when there are only two or three employees at the company, but when more computers are added to this setup, there will be extreme slowdowns on the network. An E1 connection is a superb Internet and phone source for offices with up to about thirty people. If there are less people per connection, then the data transfer rates will be much higher per computer.

One computer can easily attain transfer rates of up to 2 Mb per second. When more computers are attached to the network, the connection transfer rates are split according to the usage of each computer. The splitting of transfer rates only occurs when the computers are actively transferring data though.

Some companies will require even faster transfer rates than this type of connection can supply. If you know you will need to transfer more than 2 Mb per second over your connection, then you will want to look into E3 connections.

There are many different types of connection setups available for an E1 Broadband Connection. There are also many different setups that can be applied to every unique situation. You will first want to decide how much data you need to transfer. Then, you will want to decide on the specific details of the connection’s operation. E1 connects are great for rapidly increasing the efficiency and productivity of any company very quickly. Many companies are now utilizing the power of these systems to increase their profits every year.

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