Tips For Choosing the Right PDF to Word Converter

There must be someone who is typing a file from PDF to Word, or copying paragraphs one by one in this moment. If you are really doing so, please hold on a second and read this article, after that you can spare your ten fingers, have a cup of coffee instead of sitting in front of the computer doing the endless typing job. Let technology do that for you.

According to Adobe, there are more than 250 million PDF documents on the web today. PDF is really a good thing for reading and sharing. But when it comes to editing, many users will get into trouble. One of the best solution for editing PDF is converting to Microsoft Word format, which is widely used by the whole world.

Okay, here comes another question, How to choose the most proper converters for yourself? You need to consider the following factors for choosing the right converter. The one which can meet your requirements the best is the one designed for you.

1. Budget:
Price differ so much by brands. The most professional PDF tool is AdobeAcrobat 9 Pro which cost $449. Some PDF tools integrating full functions, such as NitroPDF pro and Nuance PDF converter 6, which cost about $99. While some other brands which focused on formats conversion cost much less, like Anybizsoft PDF to Word converter 2.0 cost only $19.95. And there are some freeware available.

2. Main Purpose:
If you just need to convert a single PDF file to Word, and it’s not important, you can use online converter, such as Zamzar or PDFonline etc.

If you often have to deal with PDF files and do some complicated editing, a professional PDF tools like Adobe Acrobat, NitroPDF is suitable for you.

For individual users who just want to spend less money but get better conversion quality for converting PDF to Word, Anybizsoft PDF to Word converter will be a good choice.

3. Easy-to-use:
Time is a valuable thing, I bet that you don’t want a software which is difficult to use. So User-Friendliness is important. I always hope I can finish my job with just a few clicks.

4. Stability and Reliability:
Online PDF to Word converter is great, but the stability and reliability are not as good as desktop converters. Usually they require your E-mail address and it may take you a long time for receiving the converted Word files. So I prefer desktop PDF to word converter.

5. Advanced Functions:
Not many PDF to Word converters support encrypted and password-protected PDF files. As far as I know, Anybizsoft PDF to
Word converter 2.0 supports this well.

Users put emphasis on flexibility. If the PDF to Word converter support partial and batch conversion, that must be convenience.

6. Output Quality:
The conversion quality is the core consideration for users. No one want a converted Word file filling with weird text boxes, overlapped text. A good PDF to Word convert should preserve the original layout of text, columns, tables, graphics and even hyperlinks of PDF files to Word documents accurately.

Now, you won’t be afraid if your boss asks you to retype a large PDF file. Or you want to quote a paragraph from an E-book or PDF document, you don’t have to retype it again. If the format of your novel doesn’t satisfy the publisher, you don’t need to hire someone to retype it again. Then you can spare your fingers. Let converter help you with the conversion jobs.

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