Samsung Galaxy SIII is probably the hottest phone at the moment for various reasons. Apart from the physical and technological reasons there are other things that you need to know about your Galaxy S III. Let us find out some useful tips that you can apply to your Samsung Smartphone to enable the lesser known features and functionality.

1. Voice and text functionalities

Easy call and text functionality

This Smartphone is capacitated with smart gestures. Now all you need to do is open a contact or a message and hold the phone near your ear. The feature of motion control will enable in auto-dialing the contact and initialize the call.

Another interesting thing to notice is the voice activated feature. This feature enables in answering a call and rejecting a caller. Other short cuts include swipe feature for contacts. While viewing a contact you can swipe right to make a call or left for sending text. Additionally you can easily point out your position to the receiver of the text.

• Go to Text Field
• Reach Menu
• Select the option of Add Text
• Go to Location
• Choose Google Maps functionality

This way you will be easily able to send your exact location to the recipient of the text message.

Hear your calls, crystal clear

Often you may have encountered trouble with the voice clarity at the time of a call. Now you can choose to make changes accordingly to enable clear voice and improve sound quality. All this is made possible via EQ settings. You can enable customized settings that are given in the EQ settings to enhance the voice quality.

This can be done by:

• Go to Settings
• Choose Call Sound
• Select Equalizer Settings (EQ)
• Set Personalized EQ

After making the necessary settings you will be able to hear clear sound while on a call.

Let us now find out the amazing features that are loaded in the camera settings of Samsung Galaxy S III.

2. Camera functionality

Various camera functionalities come pre-loaded in this Smartphone. These functionalities include shooting pictures in one go, panoramic view and voice enabled camera functionality.

Capturing entire picture

Often while capturing a picture you are not able to taka a full shot, this way you miss out on taking some parts of a picture. Snapping pictures in various shots seems tiring, now this is resolved by the functionality of Panoramic Mode. This mode is inbuilt in Samsung Galaxy S III. Now you can capture an entire picture by enabling this mode. Capture a scenic view in one go by Panorama mode.

Shoot each moment

It is relatively easier to take screen shots with your Galaxy S III. You need not click and wait unlike other camera functionality in other Smartphones but gently swipe your finger through the screen. This way you can capture each moment and each picture that may add up to tell a unique story.

Capturing snapshot made easy

Everyone is well acquainted with the voice assistant of Apple called Siri. However, there is one command that Siri cannot accept, that of enabling camera functionality. This feature of voice enabled camera functionality is included in Samsung Galaxy S III. Instead of enabling the settings for camera you just need to voice out and say Shoot and you will be able to capture picture. Now it will be relatively easier for you to capture self-shot.

Other interesting functionalities include the following:

Wake up in style

Getting up early in the morning to the voice of an alarm is something that is routine to us all. However, with the new feature introduced by Samsung things are going to change the moment you get a wakeup call. All you need to do is use the feature of Briefing that is present in the alarm clock functionality. The moment it is time for your wakeup you will be greeted by the latest news headlines, weather forecast, time at the moment and the scheduled appointments for the given day. To enable it:

Go to Alarm>Settings>Briefing

Volume Booster

Often it happens that even after turning the full volume on you might not be able to hear the caller on the other end. This happens when there are many background noises. At times like these you need a volume enhancer to notch up the volume a bit. With Galaxy S III you get the option of turning up the volume a bit. During a call if you face a difficulty of hearing the caller you can tap the volume button that appears on the screen. This way you will be able to increase the volume and hear the caller on the other end with a loud volume.

All the above given are just few of the stunning functionalities that come pre-loaded in Samsung Galaxy S III. However, after being acquainted with few of the above features you can easily apply them for better sound and image capturing experience.

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