The Best Reseller Cloud Hosting Platforms (2023 Review)

Reseller hosting, or White-label web hosting reseller, is a platform that provides the online space of a web hosting company to other enterprises or people. Starting your own reseller hosting business is a substantial decision in your financial life. 

There are so many ways in which your business can bloom effortlessly. Gaining profit in any business is a strategic effort. Without that, you cannot succeed in making the success last in the long run.

If you are stepping foot in the world of Reseller Hosting, understanding the different tools and panels that can help you grow is essential. It will help you to tackle countless different problems and begin a seamless journey through web hosting services in India

If you learn to capitalise on the growing trend and demand of the online presence every person and enterprise craves, reseller web hosting is surely a lucrative venture. How do you make the most out of it? How do you make sure that you provide seamless reseller hosting services?

Let us talk about the tools that help you perform smoothly and flawlessly in the world of web hosting resellers in India.

Tools Enabling Smooth Reseller Web Hosting 

  • cPanel

cPanel, or in common terms, the control panel, is a crucial part of effective reselling of web hosting. It enables a lot of facilities in reseller hosting that are user-friendly and makes web hosting flexible. You can create, manage, and maintain the Linux Hosting service.

cPanel makes creating accounts for various customers effortless and easy. It offers an interface that allows account creation, monitoring, and resource allocation. 

  • WHM

Web Host Manager, i.e. the WHM, is an essential tool when it comes to reseller hosting. It enables resellers to look after and shape the server settings. It provides you with administrative access that allows you to manage the cPanel. 

This tool, as the name suggests, allows you to manage the creation and working of hosting packages. It creates and manages the quotas, security settings, and performance settings for your reseller web hosting service.


Web Host Manager Complete Solution, or WHMCS, is a tool that automates various aspects of the hosting business. 

These aspects include billing, invoicing, client management, automated account creation, statistical resorts, termination, suspension, or cancellation of accounts, and integrated client support centre.

This reduces manual tasks, minimises errors, and improves the overall effectiveness of the operations.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the tools that allow the service consumer to ask any query they have about the service or the hosting provider. 

You can use these chatbots to resolve their basic queries and commonly asked questions with instant responses. You need to feed those responses into the tool!

This enhances the customer experience and also frees up the valuable time reseller will have to spend on solving consumer issues.

  • SSL Certificate Management

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate Management, or SSL certificate management, is a crucial task for White-label reseller web hosting servers. You need to use the tool effectively. 

The SSL certificate management system covers these tasks seamlessly. It ensures the client’s websites are secure and safe from all the online threats. This instils trust in their online visitors.


Reseller hosting is a competitive field! When there are many service providers available, it is your primary responsibility to stand out and be better than everyone else. 

This can be achieved with the help of the abovementioned tools and better management of these tools! Strive for betterment, and you can achieve a lot in this field!

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