Top 1 Tip to Save Gas

The only Tip to Save Gas
Run your car with water!!! – This is the only tip you should take.

The future is here. We have the technology. Yes! water can be used to fuel a car. In fact, very little water is needed! Only one quart of water provides over 1800 gallons of HHO gas which can literally last for months and significantly increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiently, improve emissions quality, and save you money.

Thousands of successful water-conversions around the world are proof that “Run your car with water” technology works and will soon catch on! Some industry insiders say its just a matter of time before this water-burning technology will be standard in new automobiles. One expert estimates most cars will be using this technology by 2012, but until the auto manufacturers catch up, you can use this technology for yourself today at a very reasonable set-up cost.

How Much is it?

The conversion guide is on sale today, and all of the raw materials cost less than $60 and are easy to find at your local hardware stores. The guide includes over 90 pages of detailed instructions that are very easy to follow and offer the best value and performance available anywhere. We encourage you to help other people set-up their own conversions with our information! After all, the more cars we can get running on less fuel, the better for our environment.

Is this thing safe?

You should not worry, the process is very safe because the combustible gas is extracted as needed and burned steadily from the water, unlike larger volumes of pure hydrogen which are highly flammable.

Our set-up produces hydrogen as your car needs it, rather than using storage tanks. Thousands of cars have been safely converted without any issues or incidents.

Best of all, this conversion process is completely reversible and will not void your car’s manufacturer’s warranty. It simply acts as an add-on to significantly increase your fuel efficiency.

The author writes more about Run your car on water [] on her website.

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