How to Schedule Instagram Posts on Instagram in 2021

With more than a billion monthly active users globally (16,000,000 in UAE), half of whom use the platform daily, Instagram can be a powerful channel for digital marketing. The majority of users on Instagram are below the age of 35. So, it can be a valuable method of unlocking new markets, spurring a new phase of growth for your business. In fact, many experienced digital marketers these days will tell you that harnessing Instagram in your strategies is no longer optional; it is essential. Various tools exist that can enhance your digital marketing strategy, but here are some of the best.


SocialPilot is a valuable marketing tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features, support and is reasonably priced. SocialPilot allows you to connect to multiple social media accounts across different platforms as well as Instagram. 

One of the most powerful features for Instagram marketing with SocialPilot is scheduling posts using it. Your marketing team will save countless hours using this tool, and the direct Canva integration means you can create striking posts within the programme itself. 


Iconosquare is a top-rated tool for businesses to harness the power of Instagram in their digital marketing strategies. Like SocialPilot, you can also schedule Facebook and Instagram posts with this programme. However, Iconosquare stands out thanks to its real-time engagement monitoring and detailed analytic features.

Using these tools, you can analyze trends at the same time as delivering a consistent stream of content to your audience. By using Iconosquare, your marketing team can use real-time analysis to make informed decisions about what content you post and when. 


This tool allows you to listen to relevant conversations that are being had in your industry. Using Awario, you can identify potential influencers on the platform who would be a good fit for promoting specific brands. Additionally, it offers insights into new ways to connect with your audience and information on your competitors’ strategies. 

Awario can be particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies, as it can provide valuable information to facilitate their growth. Additionally, if you work in a marketing firm, it can be invaluable for tracking multiple accounts at any given moment, which is essential when managing numerous client accounts.


Kicksta is a tool specifically designed for social media marketing on Instagram. It allows you to reach more followers using automation. Usually, when a business is looking to grow their social media following, they have to follow accounts and like posts of individuals they think may be interested in their business. Kicksta allows you to find your target audience more efficiently and use AI technology to automate growing your follower count. 


The programmes described above are some of the most powerful tools for businesses or digital marketing agencies to capitalize on the opportunities offered by Instagram. Ultimately, the sheer number of people using this platform and the various demographics that use it make it an excellent marketing tool for any business. Social media marketing trends are constantly evolving, but you can ensure your strategy is always at the forefront of developments by using the tools listed above.