The Vivo Y11 is designed to cater to a new breed of digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. As one of the latest devices released by Vivo, it is expected to garner a substantial amount of attention from consumers when it launches later this year. The device is powered by a 16 Megapixels camera and can shoot in either higher sensitivity or lower sensitivity modes. A significant amount of attention has been paid to the Vivo Y11’s image quality, which was found to be above average when compared to competing brands.

Design and Features While there were some criticisms surrounding the Vivo Y11’s design, these have mostly centered around the lack of a headphone jack. Despite this small gripe, the device offers a nice fit and sturdy body. The sides are textured and the body is made of a soft comfortable material. The phone’s bezel has been neatly rounded off to provide a nice finish. The phone utilizes a touch screen feature, which makes using the Vivo Y11 quick and easy.

Hardware And Software 

The vivo y11 features an advanced dual-core A8 processor manufactured by Samsung. It also features a Mali-Tango 7.2 processor and a slew of connectivity features including Bluetooth 4.0, HSDPA, and OMAE. The smartphone runs on a unique version of Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean and offers users access to over 2500 voice options, text messaging, and media sharing features. Users will also be able to upload their own MP3 music libraries.

Video Recording Features

The Y10 Plus series from Vivo also offers the similar video recording features as the Vivo Y11, including the ability to shoot in up to five different resolutions and an impressive internal imaging sensor. Additionally, the Y series allows for users to edit and delete footage, as well as adding in-app video editing features. The phone also comes standard with a 12.2 megapixel rear shooter and includes image stabilization, optical zoom, and facial recognition for facial recognition options. In addition, users can also enjoy HD video recording through the use of the front-facing camera and via a HDMI out port.

Software And Support

The Vivo Y11 features a fully customizable interface that offers easy compatibility with many popular apps. The handset also includes an intuitive interface and includes many useful widgets and features. One of the most interesting features available on this smartphone is its Smart Battery. The Smart Battery allows users to use their cell phone in a completely powered state with the assistance of a sensor that monitors their battery. The feature works by detecting when the cell phone is put to sleep and then using its power source instead of the battery’s built-in power.


Vivo has not forgotten the accessories that are available to enhance the experience. A gyroscope is able to be placed on the top half of the Y for increased protection against injuries. It also has a presence on the side so that it can be taken in a walking motion. A data cable is also included with the purchase of the Vivo Y11 for those who would like to connect to other data devices such as a digital camera or PDA to the handset.