Productized services are simplified and focus the business marketing operation into a more predictable model that is easier to sell. The services are packaged in such a way that they are more like products which sell easily. Most service providers are productizing their services because of the various benefits they come with including:

  • Increased revenues
  • Improved company cash flow
  • Reduced stress in managing and running the business
  • Improved scalability of the business

Whereas there are different ways of productizing your services, getting software designed for such can make things even easier for you. When you take your time in finding the right software you will enjoy lots of benefits. If you are just getting familiar with productized service software option, here are some of the things you can expect to enjoy when you get a reliable one for your business.

Ease of building order forms – Traditional shopping carts can be complicated, but with the tight software for your productized service, you can design one page form for selling the services. On the form you can create an easy process that covers everything to do with orders.

Track payments – Good productized service software will log all payments, whether they are one time or recurring so you can keep track of them. With such a feature, it becomes easy for you to know when customers are billed, when payments fail and even when subscriptions are canceled.

Ease of delivering orders – Any good and reliable software will offer access to the order management system so you are able to keep your contractors, virtual assistants and your company team all on the same page. This way, you can see order status, all messages related to it and who is working on the order. It is a more streamlined process of delivering the orders compared to other processes.

Customization abilities – Using the right software will make it possible for you to customize everything you need to including email notifications, messages and navigation items. It requires a templating system that is reliable to achieve this so you can create a client panel that is appealing in every sense.

Ease of collecting project information – The truth is that customers do not like those lengthy forms they are asked to fill during a checkout. The forms can actually be lots of confusion and even end up negatively impacting sales. But by getting right productized service software, you will make it possible for clients to place orders and give you the other details you need later. Giving them the freedom of submitting details when they are ready is better than frustrating them with forms when they really need a service from you instead.

Improved user experience – When customers are in a position to manage their own order, download services and even keep track of their subscriptions they feel part of the process improving their experience of working with you greatly. Your good software should be able to give them such features so they feel confident working with you and in turn become repeat customers.

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