The workflow management and business process management is quite similar but not equal. Most of the people associated with the business firm are quite confuse about these two. Here I will try to resolve the problem occurs to differentiate between workflow management and business process management.

What is Workflow: The workflow first came in the software industry in 1980’s. The Workflow is a series of connected steps or we can say that it is a set of procedural rule by which a document, information or task transform from one place to another for action. For example if we consider the publication firm the document automatically routed to Writer to Editor to Proofreader to Production. Workflow is a route for any information travel within the organization. At each step of the workflow a single person or a group of people responsible for a specific task.

What is Workflow Management: Workflow management is a well known process to manage the workflow (series of steps) for improving the productivity, efficiency and control the process. Workflow management helps to employee to improve their performance. It is associated with B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer) information management. It provides the solution to firms to track the error easily during the workflow of information and finally get the quality data. The workflow management has different capability and the features vary from industry to industry. There are so many softwares available to manage the workflow of a particular organization. The Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Collaborative Technology Solutions (CTS) are few brand name which provide such type of solution.

What is Business Process: A business process is a series or connection of different activity to achieve a common goal. These processes are very critical for each organization and it affect both efficiency and cost of an organization. The companies always try to follow a right business process for improving their services for client as well as to customers.

What is Business Process Management: A business process management sometimes BPM is a management approach to solve both the client and customer needs in an efficient manner. There are certain lifecycle by which the business process management governs. These are the following steps Design to Modeling to Execute to Manage. The BPM is playing a very important role in the enterprise business solution market. There are so many software introduce in the market to achieve the target of the business. It is very useful to document management, records management and more. It supports all level of management during the business flow.

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